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    Our Web Design is a clean, modern and minimalistic theme showcasing the beauty of your content
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    premium business server & email hosting for SME and large enterprises
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    from tiny start-ups to world's largest multinational companies.
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Value-Added Web Expertise

With a well-established track record and a team of skilled experts, Jezrin Technologies Sdn Bhd has the skills and experience required to set your business up for greater success. We blend market-leading trends with technological innovation and creative flair to create exciting websites that benefit your company and your customers. Key services we offer include the following:

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Web domains

We can secure and register any number of web names and domains

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Web hosting

We offer reliable website hosting services including set-up, traffic management and linked mailboxes

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Hosting Security

We provide website back-ups, anti-spam filters and virus checking software

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We have skilled IT specialists to provide custom web programming and development

  • Web Expertise
  • Web Solutions
  • Web Services
  • Software Development
  • Creative Media Production

We maintain websites for busy business owners. Let us provide your website with things such as fresh content, targeted keywords, monthly maintenance and the extra special attention it so desperately needs. The reality is, if you want your website to work, it must be fresh, it must be cared for.

Web Design/ Re-design/ RevampWeb Design/ Re-design/ Revamp
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Joomla! Web Design/ Development	Joomla! Web Design/ Development
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Content Management System (CMS)	Content Management System (CMS)
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Web MaintenanceWeb Maintenance
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Jezrin Technologies™ thrive on complexity, so no matter what difficulties you face, we’re confident we can find a solution

B2B / B2C Solutions B2B / B2C Solutions
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Web Apps Development Web Apps Development
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Portal Web Development Portal Web Development
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Forum and Blog Development Forum & Blog Development
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We offer web services, not just websites. Thriving businesses need more than a presence on the web; they need web-based solutions that fuel growth.

Domain Name Registrations Domain Name Registrations (.com, .com.my, .my )
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Web and Email Hosting Services Web & Email Hosting Services
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Web and App Hosting Services Web & App Hosting Services
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Web and Social Marketing Web & Social Marketing
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Jezrin Technologies™ has the experience, the technology and the staff to ensure that the implementation of our Software Development – as well as the efficiency your business – run as smoothly as possible.

Software Development Software Development
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Web Apps Development Web Apps Development
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Joomla! Development Joomla! Development
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Mobile Apps Development	Mobile Apps Development
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Our dynamic partnership with you begins with an innovative idea that delivers successful results to communicate your message in the most efficient manner.

Advertising and Graphic Design Advertising & Graphic Design
Logo Design, Business Card Design, Brohure Design, Catalog Design, Advertising Design
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Creative Production Creative Production
Welcome Video, YouTube Video, Web Video, Corporate Video, Training Video, Animation, E-learning
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Printing Services Printing Services
Business Card,Poster, Phamplet/ Flyers,Sticker, T-Shirt including catalog, magazine, annual report, corporate profile
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Corporate Souveniers Corporate Souveniers
creative premium gift,corporate gift ideas for their corporate events, meetings, annual dinner and advertising campaigns.
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Highlight Projects

  • SFL (Web Apps)
    (Sistem Fahrasat Lot - eMap Technology)
    Modul Daftar, Modul Buku & Penyimpanan, Modul Sejarah, Modul Lokaliti, Modul Peta, Storan Fail Daftar, Modul Pentadbiran & Modul Laporan
    Pejabat Tanah Johor Bahru (PTJB)
  • SISPP (Web Apps)
    (Sistem Peladang Pintar)
    Sistem Keahlian, Sistem Pusat Timbang, Sistem Saham, Sistem Penghutang & Pemiutang, Sistem Pinjaman, Sistem Pentadbiran & Laporan
    Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan(PPK) & PPNJ
  • KNP-QR (Web Apps)
    (Web Aplikasi Kad Nikah Pintar Qr-CODE)
    Maklumat Permohonan, Semakan, Pengesahan KNP, Maklumat Pengantin, Cetakan Kad, Pentadbiran & Laporan
    Alwarith Maju Enterprise & MAIJ
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